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HIP--Honouring Indigenous People--facilitates fundraising for projects that support the empowerment of indigenous Canadians through education in all its forms, and have been approved by the HIP Board.  FYI, the HIP Board is comprised of 50% Indigenous leaders and 50% Rotarians.  Details about these projects and how you and your Club can help are on the HIP website under Contact & Donations > Approved Projects.  Currently there are 8 projects listed on the HIP website, everything from a documentary on the residential schools to a school van to provide transportation to the students of Pelican Falls High School located in Sioux Lookout.  As well, there’s a form on the HIP website to enter information about new indigenous educational initiatives so the project can be submitted for review by the HIP Board.
We would also like to draw your attention to a new HIP initiative, HIP In-Kind, that was introduced in November 2016.  It's a partnership with Trucks for Change, Wasaya Airlines, Mackie Transport and Gardwine Transport to reduce the cost of shipping goods to remote communities.  To date, goods have been sent to 15 communities and HIP is working further with the Chiefs of Ontario and others, who do not want the initiative to be viewed as a charity model but rather as a unique opportunity to expand awareness, education and reconciliation for all participants.  Clubs who are interested in organizing an in-kind drive can contact John Currie, the HIP Director for In-Kind Donations.
Check the HIP website ( to see descriptions for all ongoing HIP approved projects.  We hope you or your club will consider supporting any of the projects listed; much more financial support is needed.  Please join in.  Not only will you help the project become reality and assist with addressing educational needs in FNMI communities, but you will learn a lot as well.