Clubs can participate in Rotary Foundation District and Global Grants through engagement with District 7080 Foundation Committee which administers certain parts of the grant process on behalf of The Rotary Foundation.
Each year The Rotary Foundation makes available to District 7080 a portion of the contributions that Rotarians and Clubs in District 7080 made to the Annual Fund of the Foundation three years prior. This amount is up to 50% of those contributions and is called the District Designated Fund (DDF). These funds are earmarked by the Foundation for use by the clubs in District 7080 to assist in the clubs service projects by providing funds for both local and international service projects.
District Grants
A portion of the DDF can be allocated to District Grant projects for use in the Rotary Year for which it is provided by the Foundation. District Grants are designed to support smaller scale projects and programs that can be local or international. They are not intended to replace club fundraising or club charitable distributions. Details as to the dollar amounts and timing of the District Grant process can be found in the District 7080 Foundation Policies.
In order for a club to receive District Grant funding it will have had two members attend Foundation Qualification Training, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the current year and applied using the online District Grant Module
Global Grants
The balance of DDF not allocated to District Grants along with any unused DDF from prior years can be used for the District’s share of funding Global Grants. These grants are designed to support larger scale humanitarian programs that involve Rotary Clubs in at least two parts of the world. District 7080 clubs are usually involved in Global Grants as an International Partner with the Host clubs administering the implementation of the program.
Should a District 7080 club wish to have Global Grant funding to support a major program in Canada it may act as a Host Partner provided it has an International Partner.
Global Grants have been established to support programs which are strategically focused, have high impact within at least one of the Foundation’s seven Areas of Focus, are sustainable and have measurable outcomes.
Global Grants funding consist of a series of matching funds. Provided that the monies are available and the program meets the criteria of the Foundation then each dollar pledged by a club is matched with a $1.25 from the DDF.  In addition each DDF dollar is matched by $0.80 by the Foundation. Thus $1 put into a program by a club grows to $3.05 in the project's budget, less administrative fees.
The Global Grant application is done online through the RI Grants Center in For more details on applying for a Global grant, please contact the D7080 Global Grants Advisory Committee at .