June 2020

7080 Connects
June already… and it’s the final 7080 Connects newsletter for the 2019-20 Rotary Year! For some reason, this message has been the most challenging for me to write.  This year has flown by and so much has happened. While our communities all around the world have been tested like never before, we have risen to those challenges and found new and different ways to move forward. And, we are perhaps understanding that while change can be difficult, it is possible, and essential to our survival.  We have worked hard to make sure that “Rotary continues to Connect the World!”.
And we have understood that every challenge we face offers a whole array of new ideas and opportunities. I believe that life provides us with many opportunities that help us learn and grow. In fact, in a reasonably short period of time, we have seen that we can heal our planet by changing our behaviours. We have witnessed that dramatic changes in how we live are reducing some instances of other problems - skies are bluer, fewer cars are crashing, and some other infectious diseases are fading from hospital emergency departments! The BBC reports that in a matter of months, the world has been transformed. “It’s safe to say that no one would have wanted for emissions to be lowered this way. Covid-19 has taken a grim global toll on lives, health services, jobs and mental health. But, if anything, it has also shown the difference that communities can make when they look out for each other – and that’s one lesson that could be invaluable in dealing with climate change.”
Sharon Kirkey of the National Post ran an article citing the influential German speaker and futurist Matthias Horx who attempts to give us a view of autumn 2020.  He writes “The world as we know it is dissolving. But behind it comes a new world, the formation of which we can at least imagine.” He postulates that cynicism is out, and physical separation has made us closer. So much seems so unnecessary and superfluous. The summer will have brought new antivirals and drugs to keep COVID-19 from killing. The global economy is recovering; the heart muscle quivered, but didn’t stop, “as if the economy was a breathing being that can also nap or sleep and even dream.” CO2 emissions are down. Backyard vegetable gardens await harvest. We’ll be running through forests and parks, virologists and epidemiologists will be the new celebrities. No apocalypse, only a “new beginning.”
There is hope…something with which we Rotarians are very familiar. As we transition to the new Rotary year, RI President Elect Holge Knaack’s theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities” brings a welcoming message to the world.  In D7080, we are already being asked how new Passport Clubs can open; how new Rotaract Clubs can be started. We will continue to strengthen and grow our Rotary brand under incoming DG Mike Lawrie’s leadership. Our governor team is strong and united.
I am forever indebted to you all for your support and active engagement over this past year…and so very blessed to have been on this journey as part of your team. A sincere thank you to the Governor-Team, all D7080 Directors and Committee Chairs, and to all Rotary and Rotaract Club Presidents, club boards and members for your tireless work. Please join me in welcoming our new 2020-21  leaders.  Know that we’re here to support you as we move forward together.  Stay well.
Lesley Barmania, Governor 2019-20
Rotary Club of Mississauga Meadowvale
Quote of the Month
“If you have the love of your fellow men in your hearts, my friends, you are a potential Rotarian. The foundation upon which Rotary is built is friendship; on no less firm foundation could it have stood.” – Paul Harris 
June is Rotary Fellowships Month
Archives - Marco Polo of Rotary
Marco Polo of Rotary – Submitted by Badar Shamim, Rotary Brampton 
James Wheeler Davidson can be considered as the “Marco Polo of Rotary”.  A member of the Rotary Club of Calgary in 1914, he was named as “Rotary’s Ambassador Extraordinary”.  Davidson was the man behind Rotary’s growth in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Syria and then British India. Badar adds, “It’s mind blowing to think that Calcutta, India has been a part of Rotary International family for a hundred years, and that Rotary Lahore will be a hundred years old in 7 years, and is 13 years older than RC Brampton!”
Rotaract News 
Rotaract District Representatives
Pari Gujar & Jananee Savuntharanathan
Thank you for tuning into the "Rotaract News" portion of the District Newsletter. We have both had such a phenomenal experience being District Rotaract Representatives. Through this experience, we have been able to connect with Rotaractors, strengthen the Rotaract brand in our District and be able to showcase, through the monthly newsletter, the positive impact Rotaractors make in the community. Congratulations to all Rotaract presidents and members on a successful year. Even with the sudden change we all faced back in March, we were so impressed with the amount of Rotaractors that took that as an opportunity to help their community when needed most. The District Rotaract Committee is a great way to stay in touch and help build a strong Rotaract brand in our District. If you are interested in more information about this committee, please send us an email at rotaract7080@gmail.com.
D7080 Changeover - Exciting News! 
If we’ve learned anything over the past few weeks, that one flamingo had the right idea! It’s about the importance of flexibility and innovation…finding a better way.  Originally, our plan was to hold our District Conference and Changeover events together on May 30th. But COVID-19 had other plans! So we asked ourselves “Why wait until October for our Changeover?” Join us on June 23rd at 6:30pm to celebrate our fun changeover. It’s a cocktail dress up event (and we’ll be checking shoes too!).  Please register for the fun Zoom party at http://rotary7080.org/event/district-7080-virtual-changeover/. Looking forward to seeing you there! 
2020-21  - Enter Names of Club Board Members into ClubRunner/My Rotary
Let’s make sure we’re really prepared for our new Rotary year! Cutting down on reminders saves time for everyone. Please make sure you have updated your Club membership and names of your board members and that both ClubRunner and My Rotary lists are aligned. If you need help, please reach out to our Webmaster Darren Sweeney at rotary@darrensweeney.ca  or District Assistant Jananee at jananeesnathan@gmail.com
Rotary Citation – Rotary, Rotaract and Interact
A gentle reminder that your Rotary Citation nominations must be submitted by 30th June, 2020.
From Clarence Haverson, D7080 Awards Chair

As Rotarians, we all follow the motto “Service Above Self”.  This year Rotary Year we have been challenged like never before. In our District, our Clubs and our community, we have seen many individuals and committees rise to the challenge of finding ways to allow Rotary to continue to serve.    

District 7080 District feels it is important to recognize outstanding contributions that are quietly and selflessly made by dedicated Rotarians and Rotary Partners who go above and beyond. That is why the D7080 District Awards were created. 

Nominations are now open for District recognition.


Update from RI President Elect Holger Knaack
On May 7th RI President Elect Holger Knaack sent an update to all districts regarding RI’s stance on holding meetings. He explained that the RI Board of Directors met in April and took several important actions in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health and safety of all participants in Rotary programs, meetings, and events. He is asking for our support in adapting to our new environment and all the changes that are happening.
Most importantly, the Board decided that no in-person Rotary meeting or event shall be mandatory. Anyone who feels uncomfortable attending because of the pandemic, will be permitted to skip in-person events. He says that this is a major change for us, and an essential one if we are to properly care for all Rotarians and Rotaractors and continue to put their health and safety first. 
Advice from the Federal Government
Quarantine fatigue – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cautioned Canadians to continue taking COVID-19 seriously as stores begin to reopen. "It's never been more important to follow public health instructions," Trudeau said. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam warned of "quarantine fatigue," noting that Canadians may begin to forget public health measures amid the excitement of loosened lockdowns. "This is quite a difficult period," she said. "We'll need to pace ourselves."
Wear a mask – Dr. Tam officially advised Canadians to wear masks when they can't be certain of keeping a two-metre distance from others. Tam told reporters on Wednesday that the policy on masks has shifted from "permissive" to a "specific recommendation."  Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, an infectious disease expert, said Canadians should not ease up on other restrictions when wearing a mask: "No one is saying that masks are a substitute for other very prudent measures to avoid acquiring the infection and transmitting the infection."
The Optimist – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
During my COVID-19 travels, I found some great information from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  You can sign up for this publication at https://go.communications.gatesfoundation.org/theoptimist
RI President Mark Maloney to speak at a Virtual Town Hall Meeting – June 9th @ 7:00 pm EDT
Fellow DG 7090 Bob Artis has requested RI President Mark Maloney to speak at a virtual Town Hall meeting on June 9th at 7pm EDT.
Passport Club Meetings
Submitted by DG 5360 Christine Rendell
Through the adoption of online club meetings, we have the opportunity to attend Rotary and Rotaract meetings around the world! We also had access to speakers that were previously not available to us due to lack of availability or financial cost. DG 5360 Christine Rendall shared a link to many Zoom club meetings all around the world! http://bit.ly/addmyonlinemeeting. Enjoy your online travels!
Recharge Your Career at Seneca
Submitted by Claudia Meyer, President Brampton Flower City
Claudia writes: I just finished participating in this online learning via Seneca College: How to Develop Venture Ideas During COVID-19. I thought I would share in case you or the district found it helpful. They offer these free sessions and workbooks at https://www.senecacollege.ca/entrepreneurship/career-recharge/interactive-learning.html
I just loved how this generated thoughts and service ideas. Immediately I thought this would be a fantastic presentation/learning for our District’s clubs. It could help our clubs to reinvent themselves, their events and their services post-COVID 19.  Maybe clubs could have this teacher as a speaker or have him retool to fit Rotary.
$25,000 CAD Additional Funds to Support D7080 COVID-Related Service Projects
Great news! Last month, District 7080 Council and Presidents approved the use of $25,000 CAD from District surplus funds for clubs who wish to apply for COVID-related matching funds to a maximum match of up $5,000 CAD. 
While these grants are for the 2020 - 21 Rotary year, the process will be the same as the existing District Grant application process.  You will apply through the District website, using the online application form in the District Grants module   Remember, in order to have access to the District Grants module, your club must have qualified for the 2020 -21 Rotary year, and submitted your memorandum of understanding (MOU) to the Foundation Committee.  For more information, please contact Norm Bindon at norm.rotary@rogers.com.
COVID 19 Chiquimula Guatemala Emergency Relief Project
Submitted by Bill Leggat, Burlington North

After a request from our Rotary partners in Chiquimula Guatemala, for emergency support for the Mayan villagers during this pandemic shutdown, our club members rallied together and collected $5,120 CDN.  $1,400 of this came from the club accounts and the rest from our members pockets.  Support from two other clubs and a District Grant has resulted in a total of over $8,000 US being sent down to help these people.  The local Rotarians had told us that $50 US could help a family get the basic food and personal hygiene products necessary to survive the government imposed shutdown.  No help has been offered by the government and nobody is able to travel, which cuts off one of their prime means of finding work.  They are mostly day workers, doing what they can find each day.  Not being able to travel has made getting work very difficult.  The Chiquimula Rotarians have done all the hard work of buying in bulk, sorting it and distributing it to the villagers.


A Huge “Thank you!” 
Submitted by Aldo Villanovich

I just wanted to say that I’m proud of the way we are responding to the needs here and internationally during these challenging times. The fact that ALL the DDF funds, ALL the COVID funds and ALL the additional District funds are being matched by clubs to assist the needy is a testament as to who we are as Rotarians. A big thank you!

Indigenous Resource Committee (7080 CIRCLE)
From John Lomax, Rotary Club of Brampton, Chair 7080 CIRCLE and Director, Central Canada Rotary HIP (Honouring Indigenous Persons)
The effort in District 7080 to partner with Indigenous Peoples began many years ago. This included Oakville Trafalgar Club’s Scholarship program with the University of Sudbury; Burlington North’s leadership in the 1X1 Breakfast Program, Palgrave’s partnership with Etobicoke to provide hockey equipment to remote communities and Guelph’s amazing Better Hearing and Education for Northern Youth (BHENY). 
Details of these are on the District website, under Indigenous Resource Committee.
In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)produced its report and recommendations.  It captured many years of mistreatment suffered by Indigenous Peoples in Canada. These included native people being relocated to accommodate the influx of settlers.  They had their traditions and ceremonies banned.  Their children were taken from them in order to implant our culture and beliefs. The air, water and food supplies were poisoned by our industry. Most importantly, we made contracts with them in the form of treaties that were broken. This created a level of mistrust that will take years, even generations to overcome.
Maintaining Your Mental Well-Being During Uncertain Times
Submitted by Nagwa El Naga, D7080 Rotaract Director
On May 19, 2020, the 7080 District Social Isolation Think Tank and Rotary Passport South provided the engaging webinar: "Maintaining Your Mental Well-Being During Uncertain Times". Thanks to Norma Gamble for organizing this Webinar. The presenter, Tammy Whelen, provided excellent advice on how to stay mentally healthy during this tough time of social isolation. Some Rotaract members attended the webinar, and Pari Gujar, D7080 Co-Rotaract Representative and President Rotaract Brampton asked the presenter Tammy if she could deliver the same Webinar at a District-level to 7080 Rotaract Clubs members. Stay tuned for more information.
Meanwhile, on May 23rd, 2020 the Rotaract Club of Brampton jointly hosted a Zoom session with the Rotaract Club of Delhi Elite, India, on Bullying and Mental health. 
Rotaract Club of Brampton - Project: Grow and donate vegetables 
Submitted by Pari Gujar, Rotaract Brampton President and D7080 Co-DRR
"In support of Canada's first initiative by the City of Brampton encouraging its residents towards donating home-grown produce, Brampton Rotaractors planted vegetables to donate to local Food-banks in
Phase 1: RED Talk on Zoom: Gardening 101 - Education and tips: by Mocon Greenhouse nursery, Brampton 
Phase 2: Brampton Rotaractors in action in their own spaces 
Thanking Front Line Workers 
Submitted by Bill Leggatt, Burlington North

Our club is in the middle of a 4 week campaign to show thanks to our front line workers.  Our members have rallied together and produced 250 snacks, per week, mostly of baked goodies and some bought items.  We are delivering them every week to nursing homes in the Burlington area for them to distribute to their workers.  We leave a sign thanking them from Rotary.  Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we can’t stay to thank them personally but so far, it has been very successful and well-received by the staff at the nursing homes.

Red Ribbon Campaign
Submitted by AG Darlene Carpenter
At the April 2, 2020 District Council meeting I reported that my cluster was developing plans to initiate the Red Ribbon campaign to honor Essential and Front-Line Workers for COVID-19.
We are aware that red ribbon also signifies other worthy causes but still decided to use red.  It has now rolled out and I wanted to share the details and press release.
Also the Guelph Wellington Fergus Rotary cluster would like to encourage any other cluster(s) or clubs throughout the District to participate. Simply tie a red ribbon on a balcony, post or around a tree in your front yard to honor essential and front-line workers. Tag #RotaryResponds.  Don’t forget to send out a photo via social media to spread the word from Rotarians.
PRESS RELEASE: Rotary Club of Guelph Announces RotaryResponds, a COVID-19 Response Project – April 2020
Rotary Thank You Sign
Fergus Elora RC have designed a “Thank you” sign to honor essential and Front-Line workers as an alternative to the red ribbon.
Oakville Rotary Relief Fund - A Collective Response to COVID-19 
Four local Rotary clubs have joined forces to create the Oakville Rotary Relief Fund. This fund will address pressing needs within our community during this time of great challenge and turmoil – during the Covid-19 crisis.
The four local Rotary clubs (Oakville, Oakville Trafalgar, Oakville West, and Passport South clubs) led by Bent Fink-Jensen, Rotary District 7080 Area Governor, have been speaking with other community leaders, including Oakville Community Foundation’s Halton Granters’ Roundtable, to assess the needs of the community. “Current community needs include food and housing, but we appreciate that this will change over the coming weeks. The focus of our Relief Fund will therefore change as needs change,” said Norma Gamble, past President of the Rotary Passport South Club and Rotary District 7080 Community Service Director.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Submitted by Dean Rutty, Rotary Youth Exchange Chair
As most of you know, our RYE committee made the difficult decision to end all inbound exchanges and have the students return home. I am pleased to report that 6 of the 7 inbounds are back home, safe and sound. The 7th cannot return yet as airports are still closed in Peru.
Two of our 8 outbound students have returned to Canada, a third is on his way in the next week or so, and the remaining 4 have decided to see out their exchange term, returning in early summer.
The District committee is meeting this week to discuss ideas and options for the 2020-21 exchange year. Whatever the decision, the next several months provide us with an opportunity to spend the time to inform and train new Rotarians and clubs interested in Youth Exchange.
Please contact me directly at drutty103@gmail.com if I can answer questions or provide assistance in starting or streamlining the Youth Exchange program in your club.

Final 2019-20 report:  Congratulations! Many more flamingos decided to join that single flamingo going in the opposite direction! (These photos would look very different if taken today!)
Our 2019-2020 goal for finding innovative and better ways to strengthen our clubs has been achieved by almost all of our clubs! Kudos and thank you all!
Rotary International Convention – June 20 – 26, 2020  
Save the date for Rotary International’s free virtual event! Now more than ever, Rotary Connects the World! For more details and the schedule, please visit https://www.riconvention.org/en/honolulu
D7080 Conference – Together We Succeed – October 3, 2020
We’re still keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation. Our hope is that we will be able to hold a joint in-person conference. A final decision will be made and communicated by the end of June. Stay tuned… and thank you for all your support!
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile