Online Registration
Bank of Montreal - Institute for Learning
3550 Pharmacy Avenue,
Toronto, ON  M1W 3Z3

Along with those from our own district 7080, participants will meet PEs from our neighbouring Districts - 7070 and 7090 (its a cross-border event!). This event continues the mandatory leadership development program for next year's club presidents focusing on the skills of communication, dealing with conflict, improving weekly meetings, developing your Club Leadership Plan, etc. It is an inspirational event that is sure to generate confidence in each new president for his or her upcoming challenging role.

Accommodation (Friday night) and meals are provided at the BMO-Institute for learning. The cost of attending this event is covered in the club dues to District.

Deadline for registering is Monday, December 31, 2018!

Please indicate any dietary restrictions or food allergies in the Comment Box that appears on the registration screen.