District and Global Grant Qualification Requirements
Qualification must be renewed annually for clubs wishing to pursue 
Global or District Grants

Club Qualification Requirements

  1. Signed Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] – signed annually by the President and President-Elect. If a President will be repeating a term, the second signature should be the club secretary.
  2. Qualification by one or more club members.

Member Qualification - Only a member who has completed the following is eligible to be the primary contact on a Global or District Grant application.

  1. Complete the Grant Management Seminar on the Rotary Learning Center.  If you have completed it in a previous Rotary Year, complete the Grant Management Recertification 2021-22.
  2. Attend the 7080 Foundation Qualification Webinar for its entire duration (approximately 90 minutes including questions). See below for the link.

Qualification will be effective immediately on completion of the above steps. Qualification will expire on June 30th of the Rotary Year following the year in which the training is completed.

Registration link for the FQT Webinar – November 18, 2021   7 PM 


After registering you will receive a login link that is exclusive to you.  Please note that this is a visual presentation.  Telephone dial-in is not suitable.