District 7080 Indigenous Resource Committee 2020-2021
CIRCLE Chair:  
Director Community Services:
  • Wale Osamiluyi
HIP DisHIP District Coordinator
  • Tim Lockhart
Y2Y 2024 Chair
  • Julie Cordasco
Indigenous Council
  • Sherry Saevil, Grandmothers voices
Brampton Area Team
  • Tim Lockhart, RC of Brampton
  • Suzanne Cooke, RC of Brampton
Burlington Area Team
  • Julie Cordasco, RC of Burlington North
  • Craig Macpherson, RC of Burlington North
  • Margaret Hayes, RC of Burlington Lakeshore
  • Janet Lucas, RC if Burlington Lakeshore
Dufferin-Caledon Team 
  • St Iyke Ndbuisi, RC of Palgrave
  • Susan Hicks, RC of Palgrave
Guelph Area Team
  • Dianne Dance, RC Of Guelph
  • Lucy Matharia, RC of Guelph
Kitchener Area Team
  • Lew Ford, RC of Kitchener
  • Louise Gardiner, RC of Kitchener
Mississauga Area Team:
  • Kathi Dick, RC of Mississauga
Oakville Area Team:
  • Jim Lilly, RC of Oakville Trafalgar
  • Norma Gamble, RC of Oakville Passport
  • Pat Gagic, RC of Oakville Passport
  • Annette Voorbaum, RC of Oakville Passport