Rotary is Committed to Protecting our Environment

Projects and programs that protect the environment are now a key priority for Rotary. Rotarians are tackling environmental issues the way they always do: coming up with projects, using their connections to change policy and planning for the future. Rotarians understand that the whole world is their backyard. See what members are doing now to protect the environment:

The Rotary Foundation is the secret to Rotary's success. Each year the Foundation spends over $450 million on thousands of global projects that address Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus, including the Environment.
Local Rotary clubs work with Rotarians throughout the world to identify opportunities to invest in sustainable projects to protect our environment. Together, they use their knowledge and skills to implement environmental projects that make a lasting impact for the benefit all all.
Today's Rotary reflects the needs of its members.  From cause-based clubs, to e-clubs to Rotaract clubs that attract young professionals, Rotary offers community service opportunities that can fit your life.