Government of Canada (GoC) Partnership for Community Development Grant
Is your project eligible?
Since 2015, Rotarians in Canada have had access to an additional $1.2m/year for their International Projects.  Last year, we used less than half of that money.  The old adage “Snooze and you lose” comes into play here!
We’ve created this GoC Interactive Overview and Questionnaire to help you quickly determine if your projects may qualify for these additional funds. 
  • For best results, run the program in “Full screen” mode. Click on "Open in new window" icon in lower right corner.
  • Simply follow directions and click on the embedded links in each page.
  • Do not use the directional slide advance arrows as incorrect screens will appear.
  • Expected completion time is less than 5 minutes… unless you want to explore every option!
NOTE:  If you leave before finishing, you will need to start over from the beginning.
GoC Interactive Overview and Questionnaire
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