Transforming Period into Pathways

Days for Girls is a non-profit organization that  prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual  health solutions, in the form of a kit to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly  periods. 
Days for Girls advances menstrual equity, health, dignity, and opportunity for all.  Transforming periods into pathways. Rotarian, Carol Davies has been leading the kit making for many years back in Camrose, Alberta. She transferred to Brampton where she was welcomed very  enthusiastically by Heart Lake  Rotarians .They have been very busy preparing  kits. 100 were shipped in the fall and they are  almost finished the next 100 and have begun on  the next 100. Covid unfortunately prevented work  “parties” but they have begun now.
A kit contains several reusable items along  with soap and a washcloth and  underwear.  The items are being fabricated by  Rotarians and friends of Rotary and  volunteers would be very welcome.  Especially volunteers who can sew.  An assembly session is planned for  February 7th in Brampton. The Brampton DFG team appreciate all  kinds of help too, financial ($15 per kit) or  sewers or packers. Carol is also a  passionate speaker for your meetings .

Carol Davies (905)453-8878 




Submitted by Fionna Ferguson
Rotary Club of Brampton Heart Lake
ADG Brampton Cluster