We are looking for a commitment from 10 clubs to participate!  

Rotary Youth Exchange is back! Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace one young person at a time. Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. We are looking for commitment from 10 clubs to participate in Long Term Rotary Youth Exchange.  Recruitment will begin in September 2022 for departure July/August 2023. Get inspired by the new Rotary Youth Exchange video
In-person exchanges are back this year! To celebrate, we’re unveiling a new video that showcases the life-changing experiences students, families, and volunteers can have through Rotary Youth Exchange.
We hope this video inspires you — whether you’re a Rotary member, a volunteer, or part of the next generation of Rotary Youth Exchange students — to create lasting change through peacebuilding exchanges that span the globe.
And if Rotary Youth Exchange has made a positive impact on your life, or if you’re excited about participating in the future, please share this video to let others know about this transformative program.
As of 23 May 2022, Rotary’s Board of Directors have approved in-person travel, much to the excitement of our members and young people alike. The pandemic has left many students eager to travel and explore the world, and we have a great responsibility and opportunity, because for our Youth Exchange students, their journey to becoming global citizens will begin with you. Through Rotary Youth Exchange, students have the opportunity to experience life in a different country and culture, or to engage in intercultural dialogue with others through an in-person exchange. Through these experiences, students will begin their own coming-of-age story – complete with the development of new skills and the building of life-long friendships – which culminates in an altered perspective of themselves, other people, and communities in the world. Rotary Youth Exchange students are the young leaders who will be the future force for social justice and peace locally and internationally.
If you would like your club to participate please contact me for more information.
Rotary Club of Burlington Central
D7080 Rotary Youth Exchange Chair