Submitted by Rotary Club of Burlington North
The Give to Live Furniture Project is a Rotary Burlington North initiative which was started by Clinton Howell and Mary Dilly. It involves the collection of good quality second hand furniture from various sources and the donation of this furniture to families in extreme need. 
In many cases the families we assist are in such furniture poverty that they are sleeping on the floor. The furniture we collect is stored in two storage units generously provided to us free-of-charge by Access Storage. 
Our goal is to serve 2-3 families per month, the pickup and delivery of the furniture is the responsibility of the donors or the recipients when possible. If this can't be done then our club will make arrangements to handle these tasks, including renting trucks and supplying volunteers to load and unload the furniture.
Typically, the families that we will be donating to are moving out of shelters, referred by such organizations as Halton Women's Place, or they are refugee families just settling in Canada and referred to us through a variety of charitable or not-for-profit social service agencies.

Since its inception in August more than 25 local families have been provided with the furniture essentials to be able to live and sleep in comfort. 
To support this initiative financially, please visit and scroll to the DONATE NOW button. If you have furniture that you wish to donate, please contact Clinton Howell directly (905 537 2246) and provide him with photos and dimensions of the items.