From the Desk of the District Governor - Brenda Halloran

Welcome to Rotary 2023-2024!
Gordon McInally, RI president, has given us a theme to consider:  Create Hope in the World.
He has challenged us to consider initiatives to address mental health, to create hope that a better life and a better world is possible.  He tells us to begin talking about mental health, to educate ourselves, and to treat it like we do any other affliction. 
Hope is a chance to keep searching and it is the core of our leadership as we are encouraged to concentrate on the things we can change.  Can we improve:
  • Engaging our membership, as we ensure each member feels welcome and valued
  • Engaging our community as we ask where our assistance might be needed
  • Working with community partners as we are able to bring hope to a greater number in need
  • Building our membership as we strengthen our existing clubs
  • Working towards more diversity, equity, and inclusion as we enlarge our clubs
  • Creating a strong public image as we highlight our community and international successes
  • Addressing mental health as we learn what we can do to help create hope for brighter futures.
Let us remind ourselves why we joined Rotary and what we and our club can do to create hope in the world.
Brenda Halloran