District Role Opportunities
Role:                  D7080 Vocational Service Director
Availability:       Immediate 
Area:                  District 7080 
Term:                1 Rotary year renewable for a maximum of 3 years     
Contact:            lesleybarmania@gmail.com 
The Director will act as a liaison between the clubs and the DG, DGE, DGN and DGND in regards to vocational service matters. 
The Director will lead the vocational services committee to help clubs exchange information and develop successful vocational service programs that allow members to use their business and professional skills in the advancement of The Four Way Test and The Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions.
Members of the committee should consist of at least two members in addition to the Director. They should be active members in good standing of Rotary Clubs within the District. The duties of the Vocational Services Committee are to:
  • Establish an annual plan and budget for the Committee.
  • Assist club Vocational Service Chairs to carry out their responsibilities and promote appropriate Rotary International resources and programs.
  • Visit clubs and/or clusters to speak about successful vocational service programs and provide information on Rotary programs such as Rotary Volunteers, Rotary Fellowships, Rotary Action Groups & Rotary Friendship Exchanges, to help strengthen their club programs. 
  • Promote inter-club or District wide vocational service initiatives. 
  • Request regular reports on successful vocational service programs from Club Chairs for promotion through the District website or other means as may be appropriate.
Role:                  D7080 PolioPlus Committee Chair
Availability:       Immediate 
Area:                  District 7080 
Term:                1 Rotary year renewable     
Contact:            DRFC Norm Bindon norm.rotary@rogers.com 

The District 7080 PoliosPlus Committee promotes, to Rotarians and the community, the Foundation's polio eradication efforts and organizers fundraisers. The selected person will be a member of the District 7080 Foundation Committee reporting to the District Rotary Foundation Chair [DRFC].


  • Encourages donations for PolioPlus from Rotarians and clubs.
  • Organize at least one PolioPlus district fundraiser per year.
  • Coordinate plans for District 7080 recognition of World Polio Day.
  • Work with the Foundation committee chair, district public image committee, and the governor to recognize exemplary activities related to polio eradication.
  • Help the governor and district trainer on PolioPlus presentations during Foundation training.
  • Coordinate with national and regional PolioPlus committees and governmental and other agencies on polio eradication activities.
  • Recruit additional committee members as required.
  • PolioPlus subcommittees are organized according to the status of the disease in the district. Subcommittees in polio-endemic countries may work more closely with national PolioPlus committees. As part of the district Foundation committee, you encourage club presidents to appoint a PolioPlus committee.
Role:                  D7080 Assistant Governor
Area:                  Cambridge Cluster
Term:                1 Rotary year renewable to 3 starts July 1, 2019
Contact:            Lesley Barmania lesleybarmania@gmail.com
Role:                  D7080 Assistant Governor
Area:                  Brampton Cluster
Term:                1 Rotary year renewable to 3 starts July 1, 2019
Contact:            Lesley Barmania lesleybarmania@gmail.com
  • Visit each club regularly to discuss the club activities, resources, and opportunities
  • Support clubs in setting and achieving goals, finding solutions to challenges, resolving conflicts, and meeting their district and RI administrative requirements
  • Serve as a liaison between clubs and district committees
  • Assess clubs’ ability to thrive and mentor club leaders on strategies to make their club successful
  • Encourage clubs’ involvement in district activities and committees
  • Keep the governor informed on progress of the clubs
  • Stay up to date on Rotary initiatives
  • Share status of clubs with successor
Minimum criteria in selecting assistant governors shall include:
  • active member in good standing in a club in the district for at least three years
  • served as president of a club for a full term, or as a charter president for at least six months
Additional criteria in selecting assistant governors should include:
  • knowledge of clubs, district and Rotary including relevant policies and Rotary’s online tools
  • demonstrated leadership skills and qualities including, listening, communication, motivation, accessibility, integrity and being proactive
  • regular participation in district events