A struggle for oxygen - Delhi oxygen crisis deepens as more patients die India runs out of space to cremate COVID dead

Districts and clubs in Zone 28 and 32 are joining together for an initiative to establish ROTARY OXYGEN BANKS.
‘The Bank would loan an Oxygen Concentrator to a patient in need, with the provision that after the immediate crisis is over, the concerned person would return the concentrator to the Oxygen Bank. Such a bank would be of help to a large number of people over a period of time.

Hopefully, this devastating wave of the COVID pandemic would abate in a while. After that, the Oxygen Bank would be of immense value for any subsequent wave and would be a sensible fallback option. The Oxygen Bank would also be of immense value to economically disadvantaged individuals suffering from ILD (Interstetial Lung Disease) or other Chest ailments that require Oxygenation for the patient’. After consultation with the Chair of the India Rotary COVID Task Force the most urgent need is for portable Oxygen Concentrators. These units are portable and will save many lives in the coming weeks and months.
The project will be open until May 24, 2021. Any amount is welcome: Time is of the essence.
The price of each concentrator is approx. US$1000 including shipping, distribution and other logistical costs. The need is immediate and critical .
Charitable receipts will be issued on request for donations for any amount over $50.00 for Rotarians and $ 100.00 for community member donors.
We encourage clubs to reach out to community organizations and members who are moved by this human tragedy and want to help. Community donations could be matched by club and member donations where available.
Cheques are to be made out to ROTARY CLUB OF ESSEX FOUNDATION. Please reach out to me regarding details for remittance and charitable receipts.
Rajbir (Roger) S Mann Director international Service District 7080  519 566 6869
 "The country has witnessed scenes of people dying outside overwhelmed hospitals and funeral pyres lighting up the night sky  ...
Hospitals in Delhi continued to send desperate messages for emergency oxygen supplies through the night on Sunday, warning that patients are at risk.
- long lines at crematoriums, mass funeral pyres and cities running out of space to bury or cremate the dead. With heart-wrenching images from India and climbing death tolls making global headlines, organizations and countries around the world have stepped up to offer critical aid. Rotary is uniquely positioned to help through its strong presence and vast network of Rotary clubs across the country. Rotary India has set up a COVID response task force with two past RI presidents and RI president elect Shekhar Mehta as advisors and Past RI director Ashok Mahajan as chair. Receipt and distribution of funds and goods is being monitored by the Rotary South Asia office in New Delhi. Rotary India is a large part of our Rotary family their fundraising, donations and contributions to the Rotary Foundation help and encourage projects and initiatives worldwide. This is perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis in India in modern times and our fellow Rotarians need our help in action and in spirit."