Committee Structure 

PDG Mike Lawrie
Immediate Past District Governor
District Foundation Chair
International Service Director 
Community Service Director
District Rotaract Director


1. Disaster occurs
2. DARG responds and activates thus:
  • Chair
    • consults G-Team
    • copies G-Team and DARG committee on all further communication
  • Notifies Assistant Governors, Presidents, Club International Service Chair, and Community Service Chair
  • Initiates a sub-committee comprising Rotarians and Rotaractors and other interested parties
    Criteria: knowledge of affected disaster area, language, culture, key contacts in area, both Rotary and other. Plus motivated members willing to lend support
  • Updates will be posted on each 'Disaster' page if and when available 
Key Contacts/Partners/Resources
DARG Chair and committee
  • can disseminate initial high level logistics
  • encourages coordination and communication among all stakeholders including the district PR team
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