Dear Rotarians and friends:

For over 25 years I have enjoyed many discussions, project activities and personal friendships developed through my Rotary involvement.  During this time it has been very satisfying to see our District be chartered and grow from scratch.  Thanks to many of you who have shared information and advice, I have also grown personally through a variety of rewarding experiences.  I appreciate your confidence and the honour of being your District Governor during 2005/06.

I want to thank those who have supported and assisted me over the past two years. Your Area Governors and District Committee members have worked hard, and I especially want to thank them for their unending support, encouragement and wise leadership.  During this time, many new ideas and initiatives were developed, enhancing and raising our Rotary achievements to a new level of service and fellowship.

Many of you have helped through participation in travel to foreign projects with hands-on involvement and sharing the great experience of gratitude and satisfaction that comes with helping others.  Most members have worked hard in their local community to make a difference in the lives of their neighbours, while several others toiled in planning and coordinating district events to enhance Rotary's effectiveness.  Much has been accomplished through the help and input of some wonderful and talented Rotary members.

In addition, many of you have played a major role in the development and enhancement of our international service activities with great financial support to your Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for this effort.  Through several eyes, several have seen the huge return we receive from our TRF investment, in helping those desperately in need.  I am pleased to have received special recognition from our Rotary Foundation Trustees Chair, Frank Devlyn and hope that when the results are final, our RF contributions will go over the top this year. 

While travelling the district, I have cherished the opportunity to meet most of you personally. Several of you have been kind enough to host me in your community or home and you will always be welcome in mine.  During this process, I have come to realize that the Rotary wheel stands for much more than a service club symbol or emblem.  It represents caring and sharing, friendship and love, plus commitment with a "You can count on me" attitude.  This is truly SERVICE Above Self in its ultimate form.

Our Rotary wheel portrays an "I give more than I take" culture by those who show they care, trying to shine a light of hope in all the dark corners of despair in our world.  It has been a "magic key" for me, opening doors to special places and unique experiences, including warm hospitality, and yes ...even opening the hearts of many new friends.  I encourage you to use this key too . . helping to make the world a better place to live, one friendship at a time.

As we look forward to the future, there is still much work to be done.  I am confident your incoming District Council and Committees will provide excellent leadership with Governor Syd.  With a mixture of new and continuing members, we look forward to the growth and development of new ideas, combined with continuity from the past.  I ask you to please give them the same support that I have enjoyed.

With thanks and deep appreciation,

Doug V.

Douglas W Vincent,  RC Woodstock-Oxford
Past District Governor Elect
D7080 Humanitarian Missions Chair 06/07
Rotary Foundation Cadre Advisor
R I Technology Committee 02/03
R I Fellowships Committee 03/05
International Chairman, ROTI 01/03

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Woodstock, ON  Canada 
N4S 7W8
Phone (519) 537-3753