Opportunities for Service


You can experience "hands-on" International Service in foreign countries.  D7080 Humanitarian Missions Chair, PDG Doug Vincent is coordinating these travel opportunities to share Rotary hands-on service in a real way.  All Rotarians are welcome to participate regardless of your District.  

Open Dating - Hermosillo, Son Mexico.  Fly to Tucson and then take a 5 hour journey into Mexico and visit Rotary projects.  Currently a breast screening program is taking place, sponsored by D7080 Ontario Rotarians.  Another project is soon to start, assisting the families of 46 children who were recently killed in a Children's Day Care Centre fire.  Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com or Bill DeJarnette willgy@amerimextec.com

Mid-Sept 2009
- Participate in a Medical Mission with a team of 20 Rotarians going to China.  Certified Doctors, ER Nurses and other non-medical people are required.  In particular
Anesthetist are needed.
  For information www.allianceforsmiles.org or contact anita@allianceforsmiles.org or PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com

6-7, 2009 - come to the United Nations in New York City with Zone 22 UN representative PDG Doug Vincent to learn more about this international institution, where Rotary enjoys official status.  A private meeting with Canada's UN Ambassador is planned.  In 1945, Rotarians helped form the UN and to this day, participate there on a regular basis.  Take the opportunity to join New York area members at "Rotary UN Day" which will include a tour and participation in sessions geared for Rotary interests.  Advance registration required with UN for security clearance.  Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com

Nov 10-23, 2009 (postponed) - Nomad Adventure to West Africa projects.  This special Rotary expedition will introduce Rotarians to projects which the RC of Agadez, Niger has accomplished among the nomadic groups, in the Sahara and Sahel.  These have been supported by USA/Canadian Rotary partners. You will experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Tuareg and Wodaabe, see the projects that are improving their lives and explore the remote southern Tenéré desert.  Hosted by friends of PDG Doug, DGN Ernie & Sally Montagne ernie.montagne@cox.net

Mid-Nov 2009 - Wheel Chair Distribution trip to Mazatlan, Mexico - contact Bob Pesant, RC Brampton-Heart Lake bob.pesant@HydroOne.com. Be part of this experience where some of our wheelchairs are to be distributed to help those in need. The experience will also include a day visiting a poor school district, where our D7080 members have been working on a matching grant project.

Open dating - Visit humanitarian aid projects in the Philippines.  In addition to working on "free the children from dump" literacy project, participants can help care for orphan and street children or possibly have the opportunity to help with a Health Fair.  For more information or to arrange a visit and be home hosted by Rotarians, contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com

Optional dates - Travel to Colima, Mexico and help at 'Project Amigo', a Rotary sponsored orphanage for young children.  A variety of assistance is needed - see:  http://www.projectamigo.org . If the work week dates there are not convenient other times could be scheduled.  Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com or Ted Rose  ted@projectamigo.org.

Open Date - A Club in Benin, West Africa needs volunteer(s) who speak French and have experience working in vocational development for disabled. Work with students and the school director to improve services, increase vocations taught and develop resources. You would also assist the Club develop projects to suit the needs of the school itself. Live at the school in simple accommodation with pleasant and wooded campus. You can apply for an Individual Grant to cover expenses and the Rotary Club would host. For information about this rewarding service opportunity, please contact Nicholas Mancus nicholas_mancus@yahoo.com who is an acquaintance of Doug Vincent.

Nov 10-17, 2009 - travel to Haiti to visit several water well projects in the rural areas of this suffering country with Rotarians from D7090.  Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com or Roy Sheldrick, RC Ancaster rsheldrick@cogeco.ca.

Dec 28, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010 - Travel to Pasadena, California to work on the Rotary International Rose Bowl float and then remain for the big parade.  Local Rotarians will help coordinate your visit and schedule time for helping with float construction.  See schedule and details at:  www.rotaryfloat.org/schedule.html Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com.

Jan 6-11, 2010 - fly to Tucson AZ for Xmas Shoe Box Gift distribution to poor children in Mexico. Be hosted by Arizona Rotarians and then go to Mexico and participate in sharing Christmas joy to the orphans and poor street children.  Two different distributions are planned and possibly a health fair will be included this year. Limited numbers. Contact Ray Task, RC Burlington N    trask@ca.ibm.com

Jan 2010 - Polio NID India - Travel and participate in Polio National Immunization Days.  Participants will also have a chance to see some of the tourist attractions of this wonderful country.  For details, c ontact Hajra Wilson, RC Cambridge North hajra.wilson@sympatico.ca

Jan 24, 2010 (2 weeks) - travel to Calcutta, India with PDG Doug Vincent to visit the children from our Healing Little Hearts project.  You will enjoy seeing the 50 children, along with their family, who's lives have been saved by necessary heart surgeries.  Enjoy Rotary hospitality and fellowship, tours of India and a visit to Rotary sponsored school for young girls.  Limited to 10 people with sponsors having first opportunity to go. Contact PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.org

Jan 16-17, 2010 - Be part of a medical mission to participate in a health fair, offering health education and medical treatment to the less fortunate in Progresso, Mexico. Travel for just one or to participate in a series of these events for several days. Contact Hajra Wilson, RC Cambridge North hajra.wilson@sympatico.ca

late Jan, 2010 - Similar health fair as above in Merida, Mexico.  The locations are relatively close to each other and participants will likely be home hosted for the duration of their stay.

early February, 2010 - Be part of a medical mission to participate in a health fair, offering health education and medical treatment to the less fortunate in Villaharmosa, Mexico.  You will be home hosted by Mexican Rotarians who will also share the interesting sites of their area.  You have the option to participate in the series of these in Mexico. Contact Hajra Wilson, RC Cambridge North hajra.wilson@sympatico.ca

February 2010 (Tentative) - Join a medical mission to participate in a health fair, offering health education and medical treatment to the less fortunate in Colombia. Travel for a series of these events for 1 or 2 weeks. Contact Hajra Wilson or PDG Doug Vincent rotary@teamvincent.com

February or April 2010 (tentative) - visit the Dominican Republic to help people help themselves.  Give meaningful hands-on service by assisting local Rotarians with adult skills-training workshops in their communities around Puerto Plata and Santiago.  Help improve facilities and operations so that through education, Dominican and Haitian adults and young people  can become self-sustaining. Stay one or two weeks in a local hotel if you wish or atop a mountain in a beautiful Canadian-Dominican  rustic volunteer centre.  Rotarians of all talents and skills are welcome:  be involved in workshops or projects involving sewing, woodworking, gardening, plumbing, electricity, construction, computers, literacy, numeracy, English second language, child development, leadership, teaching, basic business, first aid,  health-related issues, coaching sports, repairing almost anything.  Contact Judy Warrington of the Rotary Club of Oakville at judy@goseedo.ca

April, 2009 - Travel to Guatemala to visit with RC Gualan Rotarians and see the major water projects our D7080 has been sponsoring.  Plans include minor work on projects with further evaluation of needs in the "villages", meeting with Rotarians and a new Club being chartered.  For more information, contact Aldo Villanovich at calcon@sympatico.ca

June 2009 - help us host Rotary friends from foreign lands, who will visit D7080 for a few days prior to, or just after attending the RI Convention in Montreal.  We expect them to stay for a few days then drive with Rotarians to Montreal or vice-versa.  Contact: