Sample description of presentation for use in your Convention Program 
by PDG Doug Vincent 519.537.3753
"The Power-of-One"

Doug Vincent believes the organizational structure of Rotary is an inverted pyramid rather than the typical 'A' shaped format we usually see in a business.  "It is the Rotarian who is at the top of our organization," says Vincent, "and not the RI President."

"In most cases, any major Rotary program has started with a Rotarian in a local Rotary Club," he said. "That's the Power-of-One, an opportunity each Rotarian has."

Vincent will be the keynote speaker on Saturday morning, sharing his hands-on global experience on how individual Rotarians have made a positive difference in our world.  He'll also relate how our Rotary-United Nations Partnership evolved and what each of us can do with our Rotary tool box to help achieve the UN Millennium Goals.

Come . . . Be informed and inspired at how this Rotarian walks the talk.  Then get involved in your own area of Rotary interest, helping make a difference in our troubled world.  Doug Vincent is one of those few people who, by their actions, motivates us to go out and engage Rotary to change lives by Being an Inspiration to all.

Feedback & Comments from Doug's Presentation

I was very impressed and really enjoyed your presentation. You shared some great information which reminded me of my own Rotary experiences. Well done!
Past RI President, Richard King at Great Lakes PETS.

You were excellent and we are SO GLAD that we pushed to have you as the RI President's Rep and Banquet speaker. You spoke powerfully, were well prepared, approachable, and embodied everything Rotary represents. Thank you, Doug. We could not have been more pleased.
Terri & Ian Rumbles, District Conference Chair, New Bern NC, USA 

What a great presentation on Rotary and our global activities.  Especially the magic tricks on our grants process.  It is too bad we did not have more time for additional stories and comments.
RID Gideon Peiper, Jerusalem, Israel - Zone Institute

Doug was an excellent RI President’s Representative who was very knowledgeable and willing to share.  He interacted extremely well with the crowd and was very creative in his various presentations.
DG Shafi Parekh, D7710 Raleigh, NC USA

I've never heard you speak before. Your presentation today was amazing. You touched on all the important aspects of Rotary and on TRF . . . I specifically liked how you promoted the "Power of One" each member has. Great job!
Rotary Foundation Trustee, Stephanie Urchick, Kalamazoo, Mi USA
It was delightful having you visit our District on behalf of RIP Ron Burton.  I had many members mention something along the following  . . . "If all the RI reps were like Doug, attending District Conferences would be a lot more fun" . . . And, under the category of full disclosure . . . I was one of them!  It was fun watching you work the Rotary crowd with your own special MAGIC OF ROTARY.  With all your new friends here, don't be a stranger.  I thank you for adding so much to our conference.
Craig Mendenhall, Conference Chair, D5060 Washington, USA

What a wonderful time we had with you as the RI President's Representative.  We attended a Conference wrap-up yesterday......Your name and many pictures were mentioned often. Everybody loved you!!
PDG Hank Heffernan & Lois, Yakima, WA
You really did hit the mark with your presentation [at our multi-club event].  Your illustrations and stories about our Rotary Foundation activities was great. 
Dennis Dinsmore, Clio, MI, Zone 24 RRFC

Thanks again for pulling a rabbit out of the hat at the United Nations session.  You were the best speaker of the session.

PRID Bryn & Randy Styles, Zone 24/32 Past RI Director & TRF Trustee

Thanks for jumping in.  Your extemporise speech was the best of the entire Institute.

PDG Knut Johnsen, United Nations Rep, Zone 32 New Jersey, USA

I was invited to officiate at an Induction Ceremony in Brazil (D4420) and it was quite a fancy event. Doug Vincent was invited as a keynote speaker and he did a great job.  Todd, thanks for the picture of Doug's fire.  He is my favorite showman.  You should see what he presented at that induction night. Unforgettable.  
H Alders & Deborah Perrone, Brazil 
We had the pleasure of Doug's company for 3-4 days last summer and he began about an hour after he de-planed with a Rotary Foundation program to the Lambert Airport Rotary Club. He added a bit of magic to a great International Service presentation while visiting.   Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Thanks to those who serve, as Doug does.
 PDG Todd Lindley, D6060 Foundation Chairman, St. Louis MO  
Here we have a Rotarian who has the valuable talent to communicate with a live audience and pass that enthusiasm and motivation on to others.
Jan Vanackere, Brussels, Belgium

Wow!  I just had a chance to listen to the archived broadcast featuring Doug Vincent. One "call-in" to the program was Grahame Leon-Smith, and another was our own Carl Cardey.  The last segment was great, with all of you together with host Dennis.  Now, if we can just get the word out to others, both Rotarian and non-Rotarian, what a great boost this will be for Rotary and what we do for the world. 
 PDG Dave Flinn, Lansing, NY  
It was great to finally meet you. I have heard your name mentioned (always in a great way!!) many times. You really inspired our friend yesterday. My husband brought him along and this young man had no idea what Rotary was all about. He told us he was so moved by your speech that he was going to learn more about our wonderful organization and was interested in sending a donation. I agree with him; you did an excellent job and I found your words very moving.
 Rotarian, Toronto, ON Canada  
You have no idea how your words gave me confidence. During your visit I was watching you and I felt the great heart you have.
 Leticia Parra, RRIC, TRF Chair D4270, Mexico  
Thank you, Doug. Thank you for a great couple of years. You certainly did sow a little of Rotary rainfall across the world.  You did well and I know you have not stopped now.  After all being a past Chair has it's own responsibility.  Thanks again for your inspiration and dedication.
 Barry Karleskint, San Luis Obispo, CA  
It was a most inspiring day yesterday.  The turnout was huge and there was a buzz in the air for Rotary.  I think we're on a roll and your launch [presentation] was the best I've seen.  Your PP of the Conference and your opening and closing address was the best I've experienced. 
 PDG Mike Knell, Ontario, Canada  
For those not in Atlanta, Doug gave one of the best Matching Grant presentations I have ever seen. He actually made ME understand how it works, with his drawing of a warehouse and trucks coming in and out.  I just wish there had not been two classes going on at the same time so all could have seen.
 Lisa Golde, PAG Sarasota, Florida USA  
What a very special treat it was to see and have the opportunity to spend time and learn so much from you at the RI Convention.  Your loving kindness, insightand inspiration as a role for model for Rotarians is deeply appreciated.
Mark Alan Zober, RC Jerusalem (District 2490)
Gracias Doug por compartir tan interesantes experiencias y de verdad envidio que puedas ir a ayudar a diferentes partes del mundo las cuales sigo con antencion, espero en un futuropoder lograr hacer algo de labor rotaria a nivel internacional como tu lo haces, te mando un saludo y un abrazo desde Agua Prieta,Sonora!!! 
 Dr. Cesar Vazquez V, District 4100 Mexico  
I had to drop you a line to thank you for your great presentation to our students. It was undoubtedly the best presentation on Rotary initiatives for students that we have had in a number of years!
Jan Gerard, RYLA Chair, Mississauga, ON

       For independent thoughts on Doug's presentation style, contact:
Ron Nethercott, D3790 Angeles City, Philippines
Darrell Blue, PDG D5060 Washington USA      
Shekhar Mehta, PRID, Calcutta, India                
Bryn Styles, PRID & Rotary Foundation Trustee