Girls rescue and training centre and for teenage moms:  through 'Forgotten People Connection'

Needs for girls rescue and training centre and for teenage moms:  in Kenya
Baby items - sleepers, blankets, toddler clothes, baby socks and hats Finances are always appreciated because sewing machines, building beds, the cost for sending things over and things that they can Bedding - twin size sheets, financing for beds, mattresses, pillows and towels Fabric to make sanitary pads - flannels, PUL (waterproof), cottons and fleece Underwear for girls (size 14) and women’s (size small and get cheaper there than we can here.
Your contact and speaker is KATHY REMLEY 226 079 1855 Forgotten People Connection .
The Rotary Club of Guelph Wellington has been supporting this organisation for over 5 years helping the Kitale Rotary Club of Kenya building Schools, supporting teacher training  school supplies , water wells, sanitation projects.
We have just made another 5000 USD donation  this month to complete a sanitation project for one of the schools  and to help place wash stations in the village of Khalwenge .
If your club would like to join us in collecting items for this girls please  contact Wayne Wright   519 836 1054 or you can drop items off at his office Uptown Dental  27 Woodlawn Rd. West Monday to Friday