Some parts of an in-person meeting don't work well online. Develop your meeting content to eliminate or reformat activities that are best done face-to-face.

Keep things interesting by minimizing presentation length and maximizing discussion. Include polls, open Q&A, practice sharing - anything that focuses attention on the content and each other.

1. Familiarize yourself with a preferred online meeting platform (Zoom, GotoMeeting,, Google Meet) and host a test call prior to your first meeting.

2. Review District 7080’s helpful guide of online meeting resources: 

3. Provide one-on-one tutorials with less tech-savvy Rotarians on how to use the online meeting platform. Ensure they have a microphone and speakers. A Webcam would be nice too, but optional.

4. Provide an agenda prior to the meeting.

5. Do a dry run with any presenters to be sure they know how to request control and share their screens.

6. Set up a communication/etiquette plan for holding online meetings 

  • Logon to the meeting early to ensure that audio and video are set up correctly and to give the meeting host an opportunity to check the audio levels at your end. Also gives you a chance to chat with other members before the meeting officially starts.

  • Requesting all attendees mute themselves when not speaking 

  • “Raising hand” to avoid multiple people speaking at once 

  • Pause for questions 

  • Use the chat box feature 

7. Record your meeting for those unable to attend to share afterwards.