Restoring hope and purpose 

Regeneration Outreach is a caring community in Brampton serving people who are experiencing homelessness, precariously housed, or who live in extreme poverty. They serve as an act of love that recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every person, regardless of their circumstancesor life journey. They strive to restore hope and purpose in their guest’s lives.
All the Brampton clubs donate time, money, and goods to Regeneration. This enables them to: 
  • stay open 365 days in the year, 
  • rescue 1.2 million pounds of food, 
  • distribute 840 care kits, 
  • distribute 7,200 items of clothing, 
  • serve 57, 000 meals 
  • help 350 households with their groceries. 
  • Their shower facilities were used 797 times in 2021.   
The clubs raise funds to assist Regeneration by helping at Delta Bingo and we are grateful for their contribution to our community.
Each Club has one or two people who have made an especially useful contribution to Regeneration, by collecting clothes (Carol MacMurchy RC Heartlake) or volunteering there (Dittie Voegele RC Brampton).Generally, though, it has been a phenomenal effort by many Brampton Rotarians. There is one very special person to mention, Ted Brown. The CEO. An amazing, compassionate and hard working, man who the Rotary Club of Brampton honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship on Monday October 17th.
Submitted by Fionna Ferguson 
Assistant Governor Brampton