Please Welcome Our Newest Club to Our Rotary Family! 

Growing Rotary and promoting member experience are key goals of the District Membership Committee and chair Scott Hebert was keen to build another opportunity for prospective and former Rotarians to come back to Rotary and reconnect with their passion of service above self. 
When he shared the research with former Rotarians including Rita Westbrook, the enthusiasm was infectious.  The goal was to launch a new evening club in Cambridge and provide an opportunity for individuals who prefer an evening meeting.   The evidence from Zone leaders was compelling -- stats show that the Districts in the Zone which had membership growth added new clubs.
After their Spring 2022 meeting, Rita Westbrook and Scott Hebert develop plans to connect with former Rotarians, and then new friends or contacts who might have a passion for making a difference in our community, District and around the world.
By July 2022 a list of contacts was compiled.  By coincidence, Charter co-President Prakash Venkataraman was enjoying dinner with friends the same evening.  When he stopped by to say hello, Rita asked if Venkataraman would be interested in helping to form a new Rotary Club in Cambridge.  His support was immediate, “count me in.”   From an idea to reality – the new club then had two prospective members.
By August 2022, the Zone invited District Membership Chairs to share their three goals for the new Rotary year.  For District 7080 the first goal was to start a new club in the Cambridge Cluster.  The plan was shared with the local Rotary club presidents, District Governor Sandhya Maini and Past District Governor Rudy Habesch. By August 10, a meeting was held with Todd Lyons (President of Rotary Club of Cambridge Preston Hespeler), Larry Brokenshire (Assistant Governor), Scott Hebert (Co-President of Rotary Cambridge Sunset) and Rita Westbrook to discuss the plans for a new club.
Ensuring a common understanding that building Rotary across Cambridge is the goal of any club.  The growth of all clubs is important to a healthy and vibrant Cambridge cluster.
By early February, the number of prospective members was 17 and had the support and encouragement of DG Sandhya Maini and PDG Rudy Habesch, to try to select a prospective President for PETS training in early February.  Co-Presidents Anne Tinker and Prakash Venkataraman committed to serving for the first year, and the momentum continued to build until the Charter application was submitted on February 23 for 20 Charter members.   By February 24, the Charter was approved and by early March a letter from RI President Jennifer Jones was sent to the District with the charter for the “Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunset”.  Within 10 days a 21st member was recruited and by Charter Night on May 9, additional prospective members are in the process of applying for membership.
The club began with 10 former Rotarians (9 were from Rotary Cambridge Sunset, 1 from Rotary Club of Guelph and more recently Drayton) with a combination of over 200 years of Rotary experience.  The other eleven individuals are new to Rotary and have been matched with experienced mentors to ensure a positive member experience.
A short video of the Charter Ceremony can be found here.