Posted on May 03, 2023

Fellowship , friends and family

Rotarians gathered to delight in lasting friendships and enjoy a hot meal with great conversation. This is just one of many social activities that members and friends enjoy about being in Rotary. Everyone in our club was looking forward to coming together this year, to spend time with family, friends, and fellow Rotarians, having to suspend this popular event during the pandemic. 
So we decided to have a club social dinner on first of April. Inviting guests and planning about menu, decorations, fun games, draws and prizes and above all keeping children entertained, kept every one active and busy besides the team leaders for quite some time.
Amongst the guests were families and friend. Assistant DG Fionna Ferguson and Husband Rtn. Graham were also there to enjoy the evening. 
We paid tributes to the mother of a fellow member, who passed away in December. We also took this opportunity to felicitate a bright young student Harsh Patel, who helped to build our club website. In addition, we invited an ex Rotarian Renu Sodhi to become honorary member of RCBS.   
It turned out to be a great dinner party,everyone enjoyed the food, fun and frolic.
Submitted by Kiranjit Duggal
Rotary Club of Brampton South