Commemorating Economic and Community Development Month

October, the rotary month of Economic and Community Development was marked by Brampton Cluster clubs celebrating two back to back community events on October 23rd and 24th.
On October 23rd The Rotary Clubs of Brampton cluster jointly hold “Annual Rotary’s Cowboy Casserole Luncheon“ in support of Regeneration Outreach Community. It is an organization serving people living in extreme poverty in Downtown Brampton. They serve as an act of love that recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every person, regardless of their circumstances or life journey, restoring hope, purpose, & dignity.
Keynote speaker was Jeffrey Adams a Canadian lawyer, and former Paralympian, a six-time world champion in wheelchair sports. He along with community members and corporate sponsors helped  raise $ 10,000 for this noble cause. Members of all five Rotary clubs and Rotaract club from Brampton joined hands to match that amount and presented a cheque of 20,000 to Ted Brown CEO of Regeneration Outreach Community. The very successful event was attended by Rotarian and non-Rotarian community leaders.
World Polio Day October 24th, is a time for Rotary members, public health advocates, and all who want a world free from polio to come together, recognize our progress in the fight to end polio, and talk about the actions we need to take in order to end polio for good. Rotary aims at ending polio and in this massive effort, ask people to donate their Time, Money or Voice. Since we’re closer than ever to eradicating polio but we’re not done yet. Get involved and spread the message so that we can end Polio a disease which should have said adieus two decades ago but is still here posing new threats for humanity.
To mark the world Polio day and to raise awareness about this amongst the Brampton community, District Polio Chair and also president of Rotary Club Brampton, Badar Shamim arranged for an End Polio Now Flag raising at Brampton City Hall. All the four Rotary clubs of Brampton cluster joined hands with RC Brampton for this ceremony, which was addressed by the Brampton City Mayor Patrick Brown and AG Fionna Ferguson .City Councilors GS Toor, H Singh and Rod Power and many non-Rotarians also attended the event.

Submitted by Kiran Duggal 

Rotary Club of Brampton South