Shelburne  Christmas Fundraisers

For many years, the Rotary Club of Shelburne sold Christmas hams as a Christmas fundraiser.However, as costs increased, and people's habits changed, we changed to selling Christmas wreaths(two sizes) and garlands. This year, Rotarians decorated their wreaths at one of our weekly meetings.
Made fresh by a local supplier, the Christmas wreaths have been a popular seller .A few years ago we started to sell Christmas baskets filled mostly with food items such as honey, maple syrup, preserves, chips, chocolates, and cookies.  A limit of 50.We only use local suppliers (50 km radius).  We ask if suppliers will donate for free or at cost, or equally ,Rotarians donate goods or money towards the contents. We look to make half of the selling price as profit. 
Both fundraisers have been successful. For the relatively small effort (particularly the wreaths) we make a good return.

Submitted by Caroline Mach

Rotary Club of Shelburne