Do you have a keen eye for detail, like ensuring things are in order and are comfortable with technology?

With the departure of Phyllis Grier from the role of District Secretary, District 7080 is currently in search of a District Secretary effective immediately.  Thank you, Phyllis, for your service and support over these past years!
The Role:
The District Secretary is a member of the District Executive team and is appointed for a three-year term, subject to annual review by the incoming District Governor (DG).
Who are you?
You are a Rotarian in good standing, and must be a member, other than an honorary member in a club of District 7080.  You have a keen eye for detail, like ensuring things are in order and are comfortable with technology.
For succession planning and stability, you are willing and able, not withstanding any major life changes, to join the team for a term of three (3) Rotary years and have approximately two (2) hours available each week to fulfill the responsibilities of this role.
What will you do?
At large, and with the support of the District Assistant, you are responsible for assisting the DG in carrying out the business of the District. You also act as Recording Secretary to the District Council.
Your core responsibilities are to:
  • Manage general correspondence on Rotary matters for the DG to and from Rotary Clubs, other Rotary Districts and Rotary International.
  • Control inventory and archive information.
  • Update and maintain District and RI contact lists.
  • Maintain mailing lists of Rotarians to whom mailings are regularly addressed.
  • Issue agendas for meetings of the District Council at least seven days before such meetings are scheduled.
  • Record minutes of District Meetings and circulates said minutes within 15 days of the meeting date.
  • Update District records and place them in a repository at the end of year.
  • Manage correspondence relating to District affairs.
  • Prepare District reports for approval and signature of the DG.
  • Distribute information received from Rotary International and others to the Club Secretaries as required.
  • Follow up on action points from meetings to ensure completion or adherence.
  • Ensure that D7080 adheres to the rules and regulations / legislative requirements for an incorporated organization.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the DG.
Other Notable Points:
  • The District Secretary is required to prepare for and attend four (4) council meetings in the Rotary year.  Meetings are in person and virtual.
  • The District is establishing a district administrative support team which will provide additional support to the District Secretary.
  • The District Secretary can and is encouraged to automate and streamline the processes that they are responsible for.
  • Training will be provided, as will support, in the first year of your term.
I’m Interested or Have Questions, What Next?
Please get in touch with DG Sandhya Maini to chat about your interest and next steps.