Information and inspiration to get your club moving in 2023.

The DEC has been meeting monthly and is committed to being a resource for information about the environment and a connection between clubs regarding projects being planned or already in progress.
Since the Environment is now the 7th Area of Focus, it is hoped that all clubs can consider having an environment committee or a designated champion. Great sources of information are available on the District Website and social media. Another very useful resource is through the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group ESRAG- individual members ship available for $30 USD. ESRAG has identified 6 Key Themes: Biodiversity, Climate, Sustainable Living, Food Systems, Pollution and Circular Economy. Interesting articles for viewing by clubs or committees will be identified through the DEC and include:
The DEC is hoping that each club would provide a regular message about the environment as part of at least one club meeting per month (if not at each meeting)- A Minute for the Environment.
The DEC meets monthly and is looking for new members to bring their skills and passion to our group. Connect through Mike Lawrie
We encourage all Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to have their members read and sign ( or sign again) the Environment Pledge. Click here to download and print the Pledge Page: District 7080 Environment Pledge.