Practice and Promote Mental Well-being
On October 10th, our District recognized World Mental Health Day. This year's Mental Health Day was an opportunity for us to reflect, learn, and grow as individuals, focusing on self-care and resilience. Many Rotarians joined the Zone webinar (watch a recording here) where we heard from Rotarians talking about the importance of open and honest conversations about mental health and how it affects our daily lives. A key takeaway from the webinar was reminding ourselves "there can be no health without mental health."
Mental Health Day is not just a date on the calendar; it's a crucial reminder of the importance of prioritizing our emotional well-being. RI president Gordon R. McInally alluded to the importance of mental health in his July 2023 newsletter, reminding us that by building peace within, we become more capable of bringing peace to the world. Building peace is the essence of Rotary. 
Our District’s Mental Health Task force will aim to work with club members to answer the key question: “What does a healthy Rotary club look like?” Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be  engaging members to practice and promote mental health and well-being in themselves, each other, and in their clubs. We will also be working with Rotary's Mental Health Action Group to provide resources for clubs to develop an action plan for mental health and well-being. 
Initial phases of this work are underway and we will keep you informed via this newsletter and our District website. 
Your D7080 Mental Health Committee
Jananee Savuntharanathan - Rotary Passport South & Rotaract Mississauga
Jane McCormick - Rotary Passport South
Wayne Paddick - Rotary Club of Cambridge PH
Baraba Lewis - Rotary Club of Burlington North
Submitted by Jananee Savuntharanathan
Rotary District 7080 Rotaract Director