Enormous Devastation - Help is Urgently Needed!

Latest News About the Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey: Magnitude 7.8,  death toll passes 20,000  Turkish President Erdogan imposes 3 month state of emergency status.
Rotary’s focus in urgent situations like this is to be part of the repair and rebuilding process, not necessarily the immediate urgent needs. This crisis is different and there is a valid and relabel to respond to the immediate need. 
District 2430 in Turkey is responding immediately and is able to receive cash donations. Here is the text from a  2430 PDG: 
PDG Canan Ersoz from District 2430 – Turkey 
As you know, Turkey was hit by a big earthquake two days ago. The earthquake region is in D2430. The time of the earthquake was recorded at 04:17 at a depth of 7 kilometers, with a magnitude of 7.7. The earthquake caused many deaths and property loss in the south and southeast regions of Turkey. Many buildings, homes, hospitals, schools and government offices were severely damaged. Many main roads collapsed. The terrible news and images keep coming and coming.
Currently we are sending generators, tents, winter cloths, diapers, hygienic peds, food, water and fuel. Also we have sent several excavators and similar construction vehicles. We have 4 Rotary centers in the region in Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Malatya where we provide either accommodation, food or both. We are in touch with Shelterbox their team is arriving tomorrow. SOS has already came with generators and tents and on their way to Elbistan, epicenter of the earthquake. In the mean time we are accepting donations to our District accounts for the future rehabilitations. 
Thankfully, Rotary world has been trying to help and has been showing their support. We kindly invite you to join these efforts to help recovery of the affected areas. So, what can you do:
Make an online donations to Rotary's support efforts: https://rotary2430.org.tr/deprem-bagisi
Make and online donation to agencies providing emergency relief:

DARG's Role: 
Our objective is to support D7080 Clubs and to communicate, connect and coordinate information on disaster initiatives - both at the local and at the international level.
For clarification, the DARG Committee will not manage projects; its role is to provide information to and support for Rotary members and Rotary clubs in D7080. 
DARG Members / Functions:
  • Mike Lawrie Chair
  • Lesley Barmania - DFC
  • Rudy Habesch iPDG 
  • Romeo Mitchell International Service Chair 
  • Nancy Penny Community Service  Director 
  • Jananee Savuntharanthan District Rotaract Director