Enhancing Vocational Skills and Continued Education for Mothers and Children

With an objective to reconnect with the community following the lockdown due to Covid19, on July 29th 2022, Rtn. Kiran Duggal and  Rtn. Sunil Sharma  from RCBS met in person with Shannon Cresswell, Mercy and Brandy amongst the staff of Brampton- Family Life Resource Centre at Main and Williams Parkway.
The Family Life Resource Center provides short and long-term residential facilities to women and their children who suffer various kinds of abuse. The impacts of violence against women are not merely health concerns but include serious socio economic considerations also. Being exposed to such violence equally affects their children.
In addition to providing safe shelter and basic living needs, the organization also offers extensive in-house and outreach services specific to these victims. One such service being life skills groups and homework club for children.
Our purpose is to help in providing vocational skills applications for the mothers for future employment as well as the opportunity for the youth to enhance their knowledge for educational purposes. Considering that, Rotary Club of Brampton South donated Five, Microsoft Surface Pro -7, two-in-one detachable hybrid notebook computers to the FLRC administration.
These computers will help these women and children to have an access for continued education and employment opportunities. 
In addition, a cheque for CAD 2000 was given to them for food supplies for summer camp for July/Aug 2022.
Submitted by Kiran Duggal
Rotary Club of Brampton South