Honouring Black History Month 

Dear Rotarians,
As we embark on the month of February, we are presented with a valuable opportunity to celebrate and honor Black History Month. This month serves as a reminder of the profound impact and contributions that Black individuals have made throughout history. It is a time to recognize the resilience, strength, and achievements of the Black community, not just in the face of adversity but also as architects of positive change and progress.
Black History Month also provides us with a platform to reflect on the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within our organization. Embracing diversity goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it involves fostering an environment where all voices are heard, valued, and included. By recognizing and appreciating the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that everyone brings, we create a more vibrant and innovative clubs.
Equity is a cornerstone of a just and fair society. It is crucial that we strive to eliminate disparities and provide equal opportunities for every member of our community. This commitment to equity extends beyond our internal practices and influences how we engage with our members, and the broader community. Inclusion is the active pursuit of creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.
By fostering an inclusive culture, we not only amplify the strengths of our diverse volunteers but also build a foundation for collaboration, creativity, and success. This Black History Month, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Let's take this opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, educate ourselves, and amplify the voices of those who have historically been marginalized. Together, we can contribute to a more equitable and inclusive future. Thank you for your dedication to creating an organization that values diversity and strives for equality.
Yours in Rotary,
Sohail Naseer
DGE Rotary District 7080