RC Guelph South Changeover 

On Wednesday, June 21st, Rotary Guelph South held its annual hand-over of the President’s bell to new President, Shelley Adlington.  Martin Litchfield, outgoing President of the Club gave a thoughtful and interesting year-in-review presentation. It outlined the generosity of the Members of the Club who gave their time and talents to raise badly needed funds to charities through innovative and lucrative fundraising events, as well as embracing and supporting programs such as, Eradication of Human Trafficking (EHT), Community Road Clean Ups, The Tree Trust, and so many more!
Not only was it a great celebration for Martin and Shelley, but also for a number of dedicated Club Members who were proudly recognized. Russ Powell and Linda Craig, previous Club Presidents for 2020 /21 and 2021/22 respectively, received the Paul Harris Award. Our top fundraiser for the Tour de Guelph, Charlie Barnes, who over the past several years, has raised over $75,000 to the ride, was given a specially designed Riding Shirt, which gave everyone, including Charlie a great laugh, and last but certainly not least, Martin Litchfield received a hand-blown glass plaque recognizing his Presidency for 2022//23. 
Tracey Curtis, outgoing Assistant Governor attended the Celebration and gave a meaningful short speech about her time as Assistant Governor, what she learned, and passed on her learning to the Club Members who attended the event. She also had a certificate of appreciation for Lise Burcher (who couldn’t attend the Celebration) and Linda Main for their service and energy with the EHT initiative.
Following a delicious meal at the Springfield Golf & Country Club, everyone departed having had a great time and looking forward to the successful year ahead.

Submitted by Shelley Adlington

Rotary Club of Guelph South