The Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) and Rotary are very excited to announce a partnership that invites Rotarians to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Bruce Trail while encouraging everyone to be stewards of our local natural spaces.
The BTC is launching the ‘Hike It, Love It, Keep It Clean’ project this summer, with the goal of promoting health and wellness by hiking and experiencing the natural beauty of the magnificent Bruce Trail while making a positive environmental impact by cleaning up litter on the Bruce Trail along the hike.
The ‘Hike It, Love It, Keep It Clean’ project will support community volunteers in completing litter clean-ups along the trail this summer and submitting some basic information about the litter they pick up to the BTC using an online data submission form. Litter clean-ups may be completed individually or in groups.
The BTC will be partnering with local Rotary Clubs to host a weekend-long litter clean-up event on June 11-12, 2022 that will encourage Rotarians to get involved in this project and clean up litter along a local section of the Bruce Trail.  Local clubs can organize group events, or individuals can go out on their own. 
The BTC will provide local Rotary Clubs with information about the project, safety considerations and instructions for how volunteers can submit data about their litter clean-up. Rotary Clubs and members will be asked to provide their own equipment (gloves, bags) and dispose of the litter they clean up either in designated garbage receptacles (where available) or at home. It may also be possible for groups to make arrangements with local municipalities to schedule a garbage pick-up at key locations.
After the event, the BTC will use the data submitted by volunteers to summarize and share the successes of the event. Information such as locations of clean-ups, number of participants and the number and types of litter pieces collected will be shared with all participating Rotary Clubs. Furthermore, Rotarians who participate in the weekend event will be able to continue to complete litter pick-ups along the Bruce Trail and submit their data throughout the rest of the summer if they wish.
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District Environment Committee