An update from the Youth Exchange Committee

Rotary Youth Exchange is a program where students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens.
An update from the D7080 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee
Typically at this time of year we are taking a bus load of inbound and outbound exchange students to Camp Wanakita as part of the youth exchange training program.
 The inbounds get to experience our Canadian winter, some of them have never seen snow before!  The outbounds get to learn about Rotary and youth exchange.  The committee members get to better know the students to determine who will be going to which country!
In February we celebrate ‘Country Day’.  This is when the outbound students learn which country they will be going to.  It is an exciting event for the students, their families and for Rotary.  Below are just a few of the students sponsored by clubs in D7080.
Click here to see a throwback Country Announcement Day video:
For more information please contact:
Sheila Welham
Chair D7080 Youth Exchange Committee
Dean Rutty
Past Chair D7080 Youth Exchange Committee