Story of Developing an Interact Club in Mississauga RH School

After three years of a disruptive environment at the Mississauga schools due to COVID, it was  time to connect with the Mississauga schools again. Therefore Shelly Scott- England and I met  with the Rick Hansen (RH) School Principal on four occasions, the first being November 11,  2022 to explain how an Interact Club would provide the students opportunities to serve their  community and develop their leadership skills.  
The RCOM Youth Services members Shelly Scott-England and Sophie Mwamula worked with  the Rick Hansen school principal in organizing the students and an advisor to form the Interact  Club. Sophie Mwamula has been a driving force behind completing the registration before the  school year's end. She prepared the Interact Charter Certificate and quickly emailed it to me to  sign. It was great that the DG signed it soon and within 24 hrs, the certificate was ready.  
An induction ceremony was arranged for Thursday June 8, 2023 for which I invited DG Sandhya  Maini and the District Interact Chair Pari to attend and perform a formal induction to the RH  Interactors. Thanks to Sandhya for supporting the RH Interact initiative and formally inducting  the Interactors.  
Shelly Scott-England announced: The Interactors had their first project (sponsored by RCoM)  on Friday and were well prepared. The project aims to increase awareness of the Interact club  and encourage the care of and beautification of the environment. As a new club, our next task is  ensuring the members and advisors receive adequate training to build their confidence in Rotary  and momentum. We spoke on this and anticipate support from the district to organize by the first  week of October 2023. 
Congratulations to the RCOM Youth Service Committee!

Submitted by Nagwa Abou El-Naga
Rotary Club of Mississauga