To Everyone in our Rotary Family,
Speaking to you through the pages of Rotary magazine this past year has brought me so much joy. I have especially enjoyed sharing the incredible stories of the wonderful people Nick and I have met on the Imagine Impact Tour.
From Patzún in the mountainous western highlands of Guatemala to a small village outside of Lusaka, Zambia, we have been greeted by countless people who imagine and work toward a better world.
We were inspired by teachers who imagine a better education for girls and boys facing gender-based violence, by Rotaractors in a refugee settlement who created a flour mill to provide for their families in a critical food shortage, and by brave polio workers who push tirelessly to reach every last child.
All of us have imagined Rotary this year. This means looking past what we are today and reaching for what we could be tomorrow. We imagine a Rotary that will continue to tell our stories in impactful ways, work to reduce our carbon footprint, and focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that lift every voice in our organization and beyond.
Nick and I want to thank all of you for the moments we’ve shared and for your efforts to Imagine Rotary. And now, we look forward to continuing these efforts as we Create Hope in the World. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with each of you.
Jennifer Jones

President, Rotary International