Our next series of inspiring sessions is April 22, in Milton.
Your Personal invitation to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute
Some common questions are:
  • ‘What is RLI?’
  • ‘Is it useful for me as a Rotarian?’
  • ‘Why do I want / need to take this course?’
Here is a description of what the Rotary Leadership Institute is about.

The RLI program is divided into 3 segments. Each segment is a full day of topics with top-notch facilitators running interactive sessions. When you have completed Part 1, you progress to 2, then 3, over an 18 month period. We run all segments in Spring and Fall.


The First segment of RLI is about YOU, as a ROTARIAN, understanding your place in the organization, gaining confidence as you learn the essentials, and seeing the opportunities open to you.
The Second segment of RLI  is about your role in your club: being engaged, being an effective leader, building teams, contributing to good communication and more. And, importantly, how to use your growing knowledge of Rotary.
The Third segment is about how you journey on, how you help to build your club using media & public relations, planning strategically for leadership, looking at service opportunities outside your club - perhaps internationally - and understanding the workings of The Rotary Foundation.
Each level builds upon the one before it, and creates a strong knowledge-based foundation for you as an active Rotarian leader.
That’s a pretty small synopsis, just to pique your interest!  You can and you will make your club stronger by your active participation, as you are empowered by your Rotary knowledge.
Register here!  Click the session that you'd like to attend:
You may want to ask your President if your club will contribute to the registration fee of $75.00. (this includes breakfast, lunch  and all necessary materials)
If you are a Rotarian of less than 2 years, District 7080 covers your fee for Part 1. You have to pay to register, and will receive a full refund on April 22
For more information, please contact Patricia Dimeck  pdimeck@gmail.com