Facebook is a powerful platform to share ideas and generate discussion.  District 7080 currently has two channels on Facebook; each has a unique role and objective.
Our Facebook Page targets those outside of Rotary with stories meant to  encourage involvement in our organization.
Our Facebook Community Group is where club members go to share their ideas, insights and passion for Rotary.
The district PR Committee determines what gets published on our FB Page.  The opposite is true for our FB Group; any Rotarian can post a message that’s for ‘the good of Rotary’.  All you need to do to be able to post content is become a member of the Group. (Access to the group is typically granted within a few hours of a request). The name of our FB Group is District 7080 Community; it’s a place where members can feel at home to share their passion, pride and insights about being a Rotarian.   
In the past, access to the District 7080 Community has been open to Rotarians and non-Rotarians.  All posts within the Group were available for all to see, including the general public.  
Going forward we plan to limit membership to the District 7080 Community to Rotarians. (Current members who are not Rotarians will be grandfathered into the Group.)  We also plan to change who can see the posts that are published in this Group.  Starting mid-July, only Group members will be able to see the posts that are published within the District 7080 Community.
These changes are meant to encourage more sharing, candor and discussion within the Group.  Rotarians communicating with Rotarians, sharing ideas to serve or communities.
Not a member yet?  It’s never too late to join; simply click this link and request to join:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/7080Community/