Posted on Apr 03, 2023

A Fun New Way to Build Connections

June is fellowship month. Are you looking for ways to help your members connect and get to know one another at a different level?
Look no further. The Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium has developed a game – Chatter Box – which has questions that literally get member chatting, and often laughing as they share their answers.
Printed on individual cards, there are 20 questions that focus on Rotary – such as why members joined, when they have used the four-way test, and more. As well there’s personal questions such as where were you born and lastly a few quirky questions that tend to generate the laughter. There are no right or wrong answers.
The idea is to make it a fun exercise which can be played in different ways. One person can facilitate the discussion asking people at the different tables to answer the same question and report back. To keep it fun, the facilitator could award a token prize to the best answer. Or the questions and answers can stay as small table discussion.
The other bonus with Chatter Box, is that when a speaker has to cancel or does not show up, you have the game in your back pocket, ready to go.
The Guelph Trillium is selling the game for $20 plus shipping ($7) and all proceeds will go to its charitable foundation.

Click here for an order form, or contact Anne Day for more information – 

Submitted by Anne Day
Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium