A Community Mobilization Campaign

The Rotary of Guelph South is committed to making a positive impact and has taken a proactive stance against the heinous crime of human trafficking. Recognizing the urgent need to raise awareness and mobilize communities, Rotary has initiated a powerful campaign by distributing lawn signs throughout neighborhoods. These eye-catching signs boldly display messages condemning human trafficking and urging individuals to report any suspicious activities. By strategically placing these signs in highly visible areas, Rotary Guelph South aims to spark conversations, educate the public, and empower communities to take a stand against this grave violation of human rights. Through this grassroots approach, Rotary is fostering a united front against human trafficking, ensuring that no one turns a blind eye to this modern-day slavery.
Together We Can Stop Human Trafficking. The Lawn Signs have arrived. The time is now to take a stand and say you will no longer tolerate this heinous crime against our children, youth and young adults. You are now “being the change”! Please consider putting a sign on your lawn and place of business and being a part of this movement to start the change that needs to take place NOW! Email lindat.main@gmail.com to order your sign. Signs are $10 each and to be used twice every year to bring awareness to our community. Thank you for your support!
Submitted by Shelley Adlington
Rotary Club of Guelph South