The Federal Government is now offering Grants of up to $5,000 to eligible students who have served in a Not for Profit organization as a Volunteer on Covid 19 Related Projects.
Volunteer activities that focus on Community Service or Public Relations (eg website development, social media planning) are preferred but other areas will be considered. Restricted activities include fundraising and government lobbying.
Other eligibility criteria include:
  • Must be registered in a college or university program
  • Currently a member of Rotary or Rotaract
  • Must currently be volunteering at a NFP / Charitable Organization
  • Must volunteer at least 100 hours to earn $1000 in grants. The maximum grant is $5000 for 500 hours.
  • The minimum requirement is 20 hours a week.  
All applications will need to be completed by the supervising organization. The candidate’s supervisor will need to be identified with the application.  Rotary Clubs, Clusters or Rotaract Clubs may apply on behalf of their eligible volunteers if they have Charitable Status. It is possible for one organization to enroll more than one volunteer.
This grant program starts immediately and ends October 31, 2020
For more information go to: