Setting Goals and Strategic Plans

The Rotary Club of Guelph South had a  visioning session on September 30th in order to help set a clear direction and purpose for the club's activities. By engaging in visioning exercises, Rotary Clubs can identify their long-term goals and aspirations, which in turn allows them to develop strategic plans and initiatives. This process fosters unity and collaboration among club members ensuring that their efforts are aligned with the needs of their local communities and the larger global community. Ultimately, visioning empowers Rotary Clubs to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the world by guiding their actions and decisions towards a shared vision of a better future.
For us it cemented some of our personal relationships while helping us to understand where are fellow members are coming from .I would highly recommend doing a Visioning Day in your club. It was extremely beneficial in helping us with our goals and direction .Next we will be creating a new strategy for our foreseeable future.

Submitted by Shelley Adlington
Rotary Club of Guelph South