Contact: Lesley Barmania
Glencairn Golf Club
9807 Regional Road 25
Milton, ON  L9T 2X7

District Presidents' meetings are held 3 times a year.  District updates are provided and business is conducted.  A portion of the meeting is dedicated to informational or motivational topics selected by the presidents.  This will be our last meeting of the year and Presidents-Elect are invited and encouraged to attend as well.  A detailed agenda is provided one to two weeks prior to the meeting.  If the club president is not able to attend then a designate (usually the president-elect) is expected to attend in his or her place.  

Registration is required by all attendees to ensure adequate materials are available and dinner ($25) arrangements can be made.  Any food allergies or dietary restrictions should be provided in the comment section on the registration page.

The Deadline for registering for this meeting is Monday, May 4 (Luke Skywalker Day).