Hike it, Love it, Keep it Clean
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do I need to register for this event?
Yes, click here to register for the event
I can’t make it on June 11-12.  Can I go another time?
Yes, feel free to pick a date that is convenient for you, ideally not too much later so that we can publish the results of our project.  You may also go on other clean up hikes during the summer.
Who can go on the hike?
Rotary clubs can organize group events, or individuals can go out on their own.  Feel free to ask family and friends to join in.
What do I need to bring for litter clean up?
Hikers will need to provide their own equipment (gloves, bags) and dispose of the litter they clean up either in designated garbage receptacles (where available) or at home. It may also be possible for groups to make arrangements with local municipalities to schedule a garbage pick-up at key locations.
How far do I need to hike?
That’s completely up to you.
What information do I need to collect about my hike?
There will be a form to fill out with data like locations of clean-ups, number of participants and the quantity and types of litter pieces collected
How will we find out about the results of this event?
The data submitted by volunteers will be summarized and the success of the event will be shared.
What else should I know before I hit the trail?  
Please click on the BTC link for Trail Safety and Hiking tips:
I have other questions.  Who can I contact?
Michael Pavan: mpavan2062@gmail.com