BeaverTales 2019-2020 


BeaverTales is a collection of letters home from Rotary Youth Exchange students. The students are from District 7080 in South-Western Ontario.

You will see a pattern to the stories. November can be tough with occasional homesickness and the struggle with a new language and culture. By February the language is coming but the English is slipping. When May rolls around the students suddenly realize the exchange is almost over, but there is still so much they want to do.

Below you can read about the amazing experiences with each other, with their families, with their sponsoring Rotary clubs, and, through publication on the Internet, with any interested party.

Their stories will be posted here in November 2019, February 2020, and May 2020.

If you have any questions please contact our BeaverTales editor.

Aidan from Georgetown to Brazil
November 2019       February 2020      May 2020

Ainsley from Woodstock to Finland
Ethan from Brampton to France
Rachel from Tillsonburg to Switzerland
Serena from Mississauga West to Taiwan
November 2019       February 2020      May 2020
Stephanie from Burlinton & Burlinton Lakeshore to Japan