What is available in  your community?
Does your community have a Community Foundation? Check out their annual report called "Vital Signs" which measures the social health, well being, and vitality of your community.
eg. https://www.kwcf.ca/vital-signs
More information about Community Service Projects:
Looking for a Community Service Project? Here’s a Challenge for YOU!

1. Approach THREE community leaders and ask them: “What do you see as the most pressing challenge in our city/town/community?” – See if there is a common theme. Now there’s a project in the making for your club!
2. Have your Community Service committee make a presentation to your club featuring all of your Community Projects. Ask for input. Rate them. Get fresh ideas from your members, and potential new members for your Community Service committee. We have innovators in our clubs and we haven’t utilized their ideas yet.
3. Keep adding some fresh ideas to our list below. Send ideas to Norma Gamble, Director, Community Service, D7080   
Simple ideas for Rotary Club Community Service Projects:
Street parties hosted by Rotary clusters
Big Brother/Big Sister projects
Breakfast with Santa
Check out community buildings without accessible ramps – build them
Build paths, etc., walking, hiking, and cycling
 "Christmas in -----"- a project for someone in need. Eg. Paint their house
 "Ethics in Decision Making", possible project to partner with city/town business people
eg. identify a problem among teens and "solve it"
Beautification Project - flowers on boulevards (possible Rotary signage)
Highway, park, neighbourhood, river, ravine  cleanup
Donate hospital supplies and equipment
Community kitchens, Community gardens, Meals on wheels
Paint-a-Thon, a needed paint project in the community, or kids camp
Plant trees
Donate community benches in honor of deceased members
Rotary monument – eg. A directional sign showing major cities in the world with mileage between them and your community 
Relay for Life; ride-a-thons, walk-a-thons
Salvation Army donation Bell Ringing
Scholarships for high school students
School tutoring or mentoring
Volunteer Student of the Month - partner with local bank who gives $50 or $100 or more with a photo op at bank with parents and student as they open a savings account
Teacher of the Year, EMS Person of the Year
Robbie Burns, Valentine's Day, Canada Day party
Bike-helmet program for youth
Foster grandparent reading in schools
Organizing a community celebration, community picnic, festival, or parade
Sports concession stands, 50/50 ticket sellers at games 
"The Rotary Maze"- a privet hedge maze at a local park, patterned from English maze
Create a Labyrinth in a local park
Donate defibrillator for Community Center. Find out where one is badly needed 
Mentoring in youth programs
Clothing Drive with Community partner 
"About Rotary", a brochure that has great information about Rotary and what it offers the community
"______Industrial Technology Expo." showcase the work of high school students from vocational classes-woodworking, electrical, mechanical etc.
Blood Drive
Promote ______ Donor Network
Thanksgiving baskets to needy families
Career Days - Rotarians share their business experience with students
Maintenance/funds for new area parks, playgrounds
Create a playground for seniors
Support Hospice or an Alzheimer's house
Swim lessons, Music lessons, Art classes for needy children
Home Maintenance for elderly
A “fix it” drop in centre where seniors can help seniors with minor repairs (electrical, sewing)
Maintenance work day at camp for at-risk youth
Participate in multicultural celebration in community
Dictionaries for 3rd Graders
4-way test for 4th graders
Participate in "Let's Make a Difference Day"
Build Bandstand, Gazebo, or shelter in local park
Salute to Agriculture; Salute to Veterans; Salute to Peace; Salute to ……
Teacher of the Year Recognition - with gift baskets
Environmental Awards for schools, companies, individuals