Doing Good in the World is the motto of The Rotary Foundation which is the Charitable Arm of Rotary International.
There are 2 aspects to the Foundation and how it relates to Rotarians around the world.
First it builds the financial and resource capacity for Rotarians to aid those that need assistance in six areas of focus:
  1. Basic Education and Literacy
  2. Disease Prevention and Treatment
  3. Economic and Community Development
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution
  6. Water and Sanitation
Second it supports and mobilizes Rotarians to take action and to Do Good in the World by making the Foundation’s resources available through grants to individual Rotary Clubs for specific projects.
Rotarians and others in Canada support the Foundation through donations to The Rotary Foundation of Canada which administers giving by Canadians to The Rotary Foundation.
All funds in the Foundation are always separate from those of Rotary International. No funds given to or earned by the Foundation are ever used in any way to cover the administrative or other costs of Rotary International.