Donations to The Rotary Foundation
Contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) can be directed in a number of ways:
  • To featured causes that are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition – the Annual Fund SHARE program, the Polio Fund, the World Fund, the Disaster Response Fund and Miles to End Polio
  • You can direct your gift to an Area of Focus within the Annual Fund.  (However Annual Fund gifts that are designated to an Area of Focus do not generate District Designated Funds.)
  • To the Endowment – Endowment-SHARE, Endowment-Rotary Peace Centers, Endowment-World Fund
  • To a specific Global Grant (GG) project (7-digit GG number must be provided) 
Rotarians and others in Canada support our Foundation through donations to The Rotary Foundation of Canada which administers giving by Canadians to The Rotary Foundation.  Canadian Rotarians or clubs may donate directly to TRF online at and selecting Canada as their country.
Rotarians may also make a donation to TRF through their Club.  Please advise your Club Secretary that you wish the funds you are giving to be directed to The Rotary Foundation Canada, and what program or project you wish the funds to be earmarked towards, e.g. the Annual Fund, Polio Fund or a specific Global Grant project.  Your Club Secretary will process the donation on your behalf.  
As well, Canadian Rotarians, individuals and clubs can also donate to TRF by mail. You must complete the appropriate donor form and mail the completed form to:
The Rotary Foundation (Canada)
c/o 911600
PO Box 4090 STN A,
Toronto, ON M5W 0E9
Click on the link below to download the appropriate donor form:
TRF Donations & District Designated Funds
Donations made by D7080 Rotarians and clubs, directed to the Foundation’s Annual Fund SHARE program, are partially returned to our District as District Designated Funds (DDF) and are administered by the District to support Global Grant and District Grant projects.  The Annual Fund SHARE program operates on a 3-year cycle.  Funds donated to the Annual Fund SHARE program in Year 1 are held and invested for 3 years.  At the end of Year 3, the funds are partially returned to our District, as per the example below.
At the end of Year 3, 50% of the District’s contribution made in Year 1, less a 2.5% administration fee is returned to D7080 as District Designated Funds (DDF).  The other 50%, less a 2.5% administration fee, goes to TRF’s World Fund.  D7080 determines what percentage of DDF is to be allocated to District Grant and to Global Grant projects; the maximum percentage to be allocated to District Grants is 50%.  In addition, for Global Grants, the World Fund will match 80% of DDF contributed to the Global Grant.  Any DDF that is unused after 5 years must be returned to the Foundation.
Foundation Recognition
There are 10 ways in which individual donors to the Foundation and contributing clubs are recognized by The Rotary Foundation:
  1. Sustaining Member This is a Rotarian who donates at least US$100 to the Foundation in a Rotary year.
  2. Sustaining Club This is a Club which donates at least US$100 per member to the Foundation in a Rotary year. (Example a 20-member club would donate at least US$2,000.)
  3. Sustaining Member Club This is a club where all members make a personal donation to the Rotary Foundation and the total of all the Rotarian donations equals at least US$100 times the number of members in the club.
  4. Paul Harris Fellowship When a Rotarian or a Club has donated US$1,000 to the Foundation the Rotarian or Club may elect to nominate an individual as a Paul Harris Fellow. Self-nomination by the Rotarian is completely acceptable. Cumulative donations by a Rotarian or a Club over multiple years count towards Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.
  5. Paul Harris Society When a Rotarian pledges to donate US$1,000 per year to the Foundation, that Rotarian becomes a member of the Paul Harris Society.
  6. Major Donor Once a Rotarian has donated a total of US$10,000 cumulative over time, that Rotarian becomes a Major Donor Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments.
  7. Arch Klumph Society A Rotarian who donates US$250,000 in a one-time donation of cash or equivalent becomes a member of the Arch Klumph Society.
  8. Benefactor Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation for any amount in their estate plans are recognized as Rotary Foundation Benefactors.
  9. Bequest Society Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation as a beneficiary of at least US$10,000 in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Rotary Bequest Society Member Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments.  Note:  Bequest Society members will become Arch Klumph Society members post-humously.
  10. Legacy Society A Rotarian who promises a gift of US$1,000,000 or more to the Endowment Fund, will be listed in Rotary’s annual report and invited to exclusive Rotary International and Foundation events.  Legacy Society members also receive special recognition items and all the benefits provided to Bequest Society members.