Is your Club qualified to apply for a District or Global grant this year?  You can check on the Club Qualification List.  This list is updated weekly.  If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Sproxton.
To take part in Rotary Foundation Grants, either District or Global, D7080 clubs must: 
  1. have at least two club members complete the NEW D7080 Foundation Qualification online training modules, and
  2. have at least two active club members complete the Grant Management Seminar (GMS) program or, if GMS was completed in a previous year, then complete the Grant Management Recertification (GMR) program for the current year, in the Rotary Learning Center
  3. enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with D7080 , and
  4. have Club Foundation Chair's name entered in RI's My Rotary and District ClubRunner, and
  5. have Club Foundation Fundraising goals entered in Rotary Club Central, and
  6. be in good standing with club dues and grant project reports, and
  7. be in compliance with any additional D7080 qualification requirements.