How can I apply
How to apply in District 7080 for the long-term exchange

A life-changing experience awaits you. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Start planning early.

The Rotary Youth Exchange program is highly selective, so start planning as soon as possible. The reason for the early deadlines? District 7080 has an extensive selection and orientation process, which helps us identify the best candidates and prepare them well for their time as Youth Exchange students.

Typically Rotary clubs in District 7080 recruit in September & October to select students who will depart in July or August of the following year.  

2. Contact Rotarians in your area.

Firstly make contact with your local Rotary Club to find out if they are involved in the Youth Exchange Program. You can find your closest Rotary club by clicking on the "Find a Club" tab from the main page of this website.

Ask at Student Services at your school as often Rotary Clubs make presenations to Grade 10 & 11 students in September.

If you have specific questions you may contact the Youth Exchange chair and you can find his contact details by clicking on the Committee Directory tab on the Youth Exchange page.

3. Fill out an application.

After you've communicated with your local Rotary club or your district Youth Exchange chair, you can download and fill out the preliminary application form and return it to your closest Rotary Club that is involved in Youth Exchange. If that application is accepted, you will go through a series of interviews. One or more students may be selected by your local Rotary Club. The Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) will then forward the details of the student(s) chosen at the club level to the District Chair of Youth Exchange who will send send out the Long Form application document.  Note: The Long forms are not on the website and you must use the long form that the D7080 Chair of Youth Exchange will send you via email. Do not download or complete any other long form, as that will not be accepted. The District Chair and Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) from your sponsoring Rotary Club will help guide you through the application and interview process.

4. What happens after I am accepted? 

You will be re-interviewed by the District. Then you will attend a series of training sessions in January, February and May to fully prepare you for a life changing experience. You will depart on your exchange in July or August.